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Can my bonsai withstand the cold up north?

Bonsai can withstand cold weather as they grow on the snowy mountain regions of the Orient. The container is what needs to be protected when the soil expands in freezing temperatures.

The best solution is to take you tree outside during the warmer days in the cold weather and under a patio or overhang will not be as cold as directly outside.

In the extreme freezing cold day you can have your tree very close to the brightest window in the home and make sure the tree is water to saturation daily since the heater will dry a plant out quicker.

It is advisable to have a tray under your bonsai to have the moisture of the water keep your tree from drying out so quickly. The best way to water your tree is to take it to the sink and put it under the sprayer and saturate the entire tree, foliage and soil. Let it drain and place it back where you are keeping it.

Just remember there is nothing like the fresh air outside and the moisture of the night air and the rain water saturating the entire  tree.

Is there a better shape for a Bonsai Pot that may be subject to freezing?

All pots will break if the plant is in frozen temperature due to freezing conditions.  You can always either bury the pot and leave the plant at ground level or wrap it with cloth. Although, if the environment is rainy/snowy then the cloth method will not work.

The best idea is to bring the plant closer to the house and under an overhang for protection. You may also place it inside the house by a very bright window close to protect it from cracking during the freeze!

Is Lucky Bamboo safe around Cats?

Upon searching up this question you will find information on side effects if ingested that may answer your question immediately. We have found out over the years of importing bamboo with cats on our property that they tend to not ingest Lucky Bamboo leaves or stalks. Additionally, we have not received any complaints or issues from our customers in all of our years of business. Please take that information at your own discretion and for added peace of mind try to keep it out of reach.

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